A Week of Big Ideas - Jan 8 - 14

Artificial Intelligence 

How AI could take some big leaps forward this year - neural networks, language learning

AI will help - not hurt - job seekers, HR, finance teams, IT, developers

Keep an eye out for these AI, AR, and chatbot startups in the months ahead

Businesses - get ready for improvements in analytics, also data visualization and deep learning, AI

Great ideas for getting your AI products out of demo and into production


AR is cheaper and less intrusive than VR - so it will likely go mainstream more quickly

"The absolute performance of VR / AR in 2016 was not as important as how it changed the trajectory of the market."

User Experience

Now is the time to get started in UX design! 

A new brand of UX designer is needed to craft great AI, chatbot experiences 

Interfaces will soon become experiences - are UX principles ready for the transition? 

How to give your users enough info - but not too much 


Some interesting additions to your reading list on agile, lean, and innovation this winter

Applicants are looking to join startups where innovation is happening most often

Design Thinking

The nuances of Design Thinking can get lost in hype - but the benefits are still there, especially for educators

Use Design Thinking to get buy-in on your new and innovative ideas

Try Design Thinking to focus on problem finding before you get "stuck" on problem solving


Janell Sims