Hello and welcome! You have qualified for a study Google is conducting on how people in three different age groups use their phones in different ways. Brilliant Experience has been hired by Google to conduct this study. We'd like to offer you $120 to participate. You will need to use a special app to chart how you use your phone over a 5-day period. Follow the steps below to sign up.

Step 1: How can we contact you?

Please fill out your information below:

Name *
Please provide your personal cell number where you can receive text messages. We promise not to spam you, and will only use your number to contact you about this study, if needed.

Step 2: Parental consent form (if under 18)

If you're under 18 years old, we will need a parent or legal guardian to sign a consent form. You will not be able to participate in this study without it. 

Please ask a parent or legal guardian to sign this form and email it back to us at sw@brilliantexperience.com. We do accept electronic signatures. Or you can have your parent email us a photo of the signed form. 

Step 3: Download the app on your phone

This study is what we call a "diary study." You've probably heard about people entering food they eat to track their calories. It's kind of like that, but instead of food, we're asking you to log the types of activities you do on your phone. This will help us learn about how various age groups use their phones differently.

The app we're using to log your phone usage is called Paco. You can download it here: 

Step 4: Sign in and set up your study

Now that you've downloaded the app, you'll need to sign in and set up the study.

When prompted, please authorize to push notifications. The way this study works is that every few hours, you'll get a push notification asking you to enter what types of activities you've done on your phone. For example, you might record that you searched for something or played a game or looked at a news feed on an app. It works through push notifications, so please make sure these are enabled.

Find the study. Search for "Mobile Youth Study" and click to enter. Here's a video of how to do this, in case you have difficulty:

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Need Help?

If you need help, please email Sarah at sw@brilliantexperience.com. She will be happy to walk through setup with you.