A Week of Big Ideas - Dec 11-17

Artificial Intelligence

A psychological and philosophical thought experiment to help understand AI

In the race to build hardware for AI, don't forget the UX research and design

Designers and scientists need to use data to create better bot experiences. We're not quite there yet...

People enable work - and so there's a growing need for a human perspective in AI

AI and Machine Learning aren't interchangeable - here's how to distinguish them

AI in 2017

Next year will be big for AI assistants, cognitive science, AR in B2B

Soft robots, VR experiences, AI will define future trends 

Augmented Reality

Here's a helpful primer on what Mixed Reality is, how VR, AR, MR are different, and how they're changing everything

Think of Hololens, AR, and VR as tools, not platforms - then define UX goals, vision, storyboard, prototype

Interfaces are moving away from screens as experiences happen in the brain through chatbots, VR, AR

A call to harness Mixed Reality, VR, and AR technology to drive empathy in Design Thinking, UX, and customer experience

User Experience / Design Thinking

Make sure everyone in your UX workshop is clear on the Outcomes, Aims, Roles and Responsibilities

Subject matter experts can serve a critical role - applying knowledge without having to make design decisions

In applying UX design, research your client, aim for long-term change, be flexible

UX design is more than just good marketing - it's understanding the user journey and guiding the customer experience

DesignThinking isn't a career or profession - it's a skill you can bring to any industry, including higher ed

Upcoming Events

Looks like a great Meetup with HUI Central on Hololens, VR in NYC - Jan 18

John Whalen will be speaking at #WIADDC17 on IA and UX in DC on Feb 18 - don't miss it! 

Brilliant Experience is hiring! 

We're looking for Sr. and Jr. level UX Researchers to join our team. Full-time or contract positions available. Apply today!

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