A Week of Big Ideas - Nov 20-26

Artificial Intelligence

Facebook goes farther down the road to AI, emotion tracking, and emotion recognition by acquiring emotion detection startup FacioMetrics

AI is good for business

Lots of reasons to be excited about the future of tech, especially AI, VR, and AR 

Helpful distinction between AI, machine learning, and self-driving cars -- and how they overlap

The biggest economic change that AI and machine learning will bring is the cost of prediction 

Hey AI and VR enthusiasts - this looks like a great conference 

User Experience

The future of UX and UI is gesture 

The numbers are in - prioritizing UX brings big ROI

Not that you'll ever need an excuse for your UX design, but if you do - these are pretty good to have on hand...

Always Be Learning: How to learn UX everyday

Product Design and Management

Don't aim for perfection - that's what iterations are for. Stay focused on the target market and business goals

Here's a helpful list of product management tools

Not sure how to get started with agile? Here are some tips and ideas to help you dive in 

Janell Sims