A Week of Big Ideas - Nov 27 - Dec 3

Artificial Intelligence

“[Augmented reality] is the spiritual successor to the smartphone...I think that it’ll make our lives better.” 

How Stitch Fix uses AI and human intelligence working together

Machine learning, algorithms, and real-time data can help consumers make better decisions faster

What's needed to make AR and VR more widespread 

User Experience

Don't let design get in the way of usability or UX

Digital UX has come a long way - and it's exciting to think about where we're headed

It's not enough to collect data - use it to inform design for a better UX

Making accessibility a priority will lead to a better UX for all of your users

Design Thinking, Innovation

An honest and inspiring story of lean startup

Think like a startup and get your enterprise business ready for agile

You need respect, commitment, leadership for Lean Startup Methodology to work

Keep making new things and learning from them - don't be afraid to fail

Design Thinking gets you to Solution Focus over Problem Focus every time

By blending design thinking with critical thinking, we foster innovation that delivers customer-centric solutions

Build innovation and design thinking into the fabric of your enterprise organization

Janell Sims