A Week of Big Ideas - Dec 4-10

Artificial Intelligence

AI will alleviate workers' frustration while increasing productivity

Take a look at Amazon's new AI platform for developers

AI is transforming retail with gift and product selectors, out of stock management

Tune in to this new podcast on AI

Technology and AI are bringing changes, but there's a happy ending

AI in 3-D can help machines learn real-world problems

Nice to see transparency in Apple's AI research

AI, emotion coming to cars

User Experience

If you plan and prioritize UX research in the backlog, agile and research can work together

A "value loop" is crucial to any CX or UX strategy

Screens aren't the future - "In 2017 we expect to see more and more design teams hiring psychologists" to design new experiences

Product Design and Management

Businesses are valuing agile - flexibility, cloud computing, small and efficient teams to get more work done faster

With so much innovation happening constantly, how do the best ideas stand out?

The customer journey should direct your project - not the other way around

If you're not using agile yet - here's a helpful resource guide to get you started

Janell Sims