A Week of Big Ideas - Dec 18-24

Artificial Intelligence

Case study of how AI transformed Google Translate, and what the future of machine learning looks like

How Capital One is using machine learning to expose and get rid of bias

Amazon's AI services now use Deep Learning

Make machine reading as sophisticated as image & speech recognition, moving toward "artificial general intelligence

DeepMind Lab - a "fully 3D game-like platform" - is being opened up to the AI research community

Mixed Reality (AR, VR)

Exciting year ahead for Mixed Reality: AR, VR, Hololens

Lots of cool and innovative VR and AR gadgets on this list of the top innovations of 2016

In the tech race, VR seems to be taking longer than AR to go mainstream - but mixed reality will keep growing

Design Thinking and Innovation

Design can be both a craft and a way of thinking 

This Open Innovation Toolkit will help you integrate Design Thinking as you gather ideas, prototype, test

Pay attention to emerging trends to trace patterns and you'll notice the innovation disruptors

User Experience

Happy UXmas! Great gift ideas for the UXer who has everything (but never has enough whiteboards and sticky notes)...

Lots of opportunities for UX designers, content strategists, & researchers to work with AI - get started now! 

UX is needed to humanize AI and enrich the customer experience

Janell Sims