A Week of Big Ideas - Jan 1-7

Artificial Intelligence

How AI could transform education 

A brief history of AI from 1308 to present day

Focus on the many benefits of AI - and the promise of a bright future

Virtual Reality

Oculus is taking the next step in eye-tracking VR 

Tracing the "fourth transformation" - from handsets to headsets  

CES 2017

With CES 2017 this weekend, here are some tech trends to track

A quick video that shows some awesome AI at CES 2017 - it's a great time to think about UX and interaction design models

What to watch for at CES 2017 and beyond - AI, CX, chatbots 

AI is everywhere at CES 2017 - good time to focus on UX

User Experience

Some tips on ways to put your UX research data to work

Use UX research, personas, and empathy to connect directly with users and create sustainable and delightful products


Examples of innovation in government and public service 

Columnists predict transformative tech for 2017 

Brilliant Experience is hiring! 

We're looking for Sr. and Jr. level UX Researchers to join our team. Full-time or contract positions available. Apply today!

Janell Sims