Our Approach

We start by getting to know your customers—and focus on what's in it for them.

Brilliant's approach to branding begins with the customer, plain and simple. In today's digital world, we firmly believe that brands must recognize their customers as engaged humans, not passive consumers of media. As a result, we start with time-tested strategic brand workshops and campfire sessions to combine what you know about your audiences, how they think, and what they need. We then conduct customer research to understand your audiences on a deeper level, verify assumptions, and fill in any gaps.

In this way, we approach traditionally business-centric tasks such as mission, vision and values with a customer-centric lens. We focus on your core differentiators and your brand promise: what problem your brand solves for your customers, and how you intend to deliver on this promise. In a nutshell, our foundational strategic planning and customer segmentation lays the framework for serious impact.

We translate your brand strategy into actionable insights.

We perform classic brand strategy techniques such as customer research, audience segmentation, competitive analysis, and internal cultural workplace assessments to recommend a solid positioning framework for you. Every brand has a story, and we help you find the one you will to put out into the world. We combine stakeholder goals with customer needs to create brand strategy that sticks in your organization.

We translate strategic work into actionable steps for you, and deliver easy-to-understand marketing and messaging plans, which clearly articulate how to fit this new positioning into your overall business strategy, integrated marketing campaign, and product initiatives.

Big-picture focus through a service design lens.

Every touchpoint where brand and customer meet is an opportunity for a brilliant brand experience. We design cohesive, end-to-end services across touchpoints such as web, mobile, call center, retail, wearables, AI systems, and more. We start with a customer journey to plot out what your customer segments experience. We then combine this with your internal ecosystem to recommend a comprehensive service blueprint: a strategy for delivering your brand promise through the service you offer, at every touchpoint for your customers. This details not only what the customers need, but what you need to make it happen on the backend.

Based on an understanding of your customers and their end-to-end service strategy, we standardize your brand guidelines to imbue a consistent, brilliant experience across each touchpoint. This includes guidelines for content (voice and tone), design, logo, platforms, and more. 

Our Version of Tech Specs

While we customize our approach for each project, here are some example services we offer. Not seeing exactly what you're looking for? Try us!

Brand Strategy & Visioning Workshops

Customer Research & Audience Segmentation

Brand Positioning & Promise

Marketplace Analysis


Integrated Marketing Strategy

Communications Guidelines

Brand Identity

Brand Governance

Service Blueprinting

Internal Workplace Culture Surveys

Change Management & Employee Engagement