Our Approach

Strategy workshops to kickstart competitor research.

We conduct strategy workshops with you to help facilitate information-sharing of current insights and assumptions about market segmentation, competitive landscape, and your business strategy. In these workshops, we will discuss your north start: your vision of where you want to fit into the marketplace, both now and in the future. Our workshops are hands-on, interactive sessions that kickstart a marketplace audit. 

Social listening & customer interviews to add depth to marketplace audit.

Through a combination of market fit analysis and customer research, we form a comprehensive picture of where you standand more importantly, where to go next. For customers, perception is reality. That's why our method of customer benchmarking goes far beyond a typical marketplace analysis. We tap into social listening, and codify the types of conversations your customers are having online: what's important to them, and what aren't they getting that they may need in the future. We then dig deeper, directly speaking with customers to get qualitative insights about how they perceive you and your competitors.

Focus on the future.

After understanding the complex landscape of today, we move on to future-casting. Given the rapid change of technology and shifting user expectations, we consider likely future landscapes. We strategize and game out the best moves for a long-term sustainable competitive advantage. From here, we seek to understand new market and revenue opportunities, new business models, and new ways to generate cost savings. More on innovation >

Our Version of Tech Specs

While we customize our approach for each project, here are some example services we offer. Not seeing exactly what you're looking for? Try us!

Strategic Market Analysis*

Business Modeling

Industry Trend Audit


Customer Experience Strategy

Social Listening

Reach & Engagement Measures

User Interviews

Ethnographic Research

Focus Groups


Guerrilla Testing

Click Tracking

Biometric Studies

Trust Audit


* We use the right tools for the job, which may include SWOT, PEST, Porter's Five Forces, Four Corners Analysis, Good to Great, Business Model Canvas, War Gaming, etc.