Our Approach

Deep customer discovery is our bread and butter.

Our psychographic (how people think) and behavioral (how people act) research help us discover what makes your customers tick. Through interviews, user testing, focus groups, analytics and more, we uncover what motivates and thrills your key customer segments. This deep customer discovery informs innovation and becomes the foundational building blocks for creating impactful experiences. 

Your business goals keep us focused.

We marry psychology-infused research methods with an understanding of your business goals. What this means is that we learn where you want to be in the future. Based on your vision, we ensure that the strategic insights we're collecting from customers are truly relevant for you. We often conduct competitor benchmarking as well to ensure that our recommendations make sense within your industry's marketplace.

We get results fast, in a format you'll actually use.

Lean customer discovery helps you get results as quickly as possible. Moreover, we promise never to bore you with big honkin' reports. Our strategic insights will be delivered in the easiest and most reusable way possible for you - whether that may be personas, journey maps, wireframes, video highlight reel, eye tracking heatmaps, service blueprints, or something else.


Our Version of Tech Specs

While we customize our approach for each project, here are some example services we offer. Not seeing exactly what you're looking for? Try us!

In-depth User Interviews

Contextual Inquiry

Remote Testing

Focus Groups


Ethnographic Research

Guerrilla Testing

Prototype Testing

Usability Testing

Heuristic Evaluations

Eye-tracking Studies

Biometric Studies

Competitor Analysis

Market Segmentation

Personas & Journey Mapping