Step 1: Sign a consent form

The deadline to sign the consent form is Midnight EDT Friday June 7, 2019.

I'm Under 18

Your parent or legal guardian must sign the consent form, and you must confirm your interest in participating. You will not be able to participate (or get paid) without it. 

I'm 18 or Older

Adults, please sign the consent form below. You will not be able to participate (or get paid) without it. 

Step 2: Did you give us your Gmail address?

The Paco app we’ll use only works with Gmail accounts (i.e.,

Don’t have a Gmail account? Get one here.

If you didn’t give us your Gmail address yet, please email Patricia Richmond at with BOTH your Gmail address and the email address you’ve sent us so far.

Step 3: Download the Paco app on your phone

For this study, we will be using a mobile app called Paco App. You can download it here: 


Step 4: Set up the Paco App

Note: The experiment you will be participating in will not be available until: Saturday June 10, 2019.

If you have an iPhone:


If you have an Android phone (Samsung, LG, Google, etc.):



For iPhone:

For Android:

If all else fails, contact Patricia Richmond, Lead Recruiter at or 301-547-1492.  Please include your name, and gmail address.