Our Approach

Pair customer research with cutting-edge tech trends.

Brilliant works to bring innovation to your organization by helping you launch new products and services, and by conceptualizing new approaches to how you can do business. At Brilliant, next generation user experience is about marrying customer research with tech trends to bring you the product or service that will meet the future needs of your customers. By time we're done, you leave confident that the solution you have is the winning one for your company. 

We work alongside you to ideate and prototype.

Our innovation workshops help you systematically identify areas of opportunity for new products, services or customer experiences. We start by discussing points of anxiety in a user's experience. We then work with you to ideate, conceptualize, and prototype out new solutions to problem areas. We conduct quick-turnaround, lean research to validate design and functionality, offering you confidence for your next move.

Prototyping validation with real, live users.

Customer research is our bread and butter. We conduct small-scale, iterative rounds of testing to quickly learn what works and what does not about a concept or prototype. We adapt and work with you to evolve successful prototypes into fully-realized products and services, managed by your organization.

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Our Version of Tech Specs

While we customize our approach for each project, here are some example services we offer. Our prototyping expertise doesn't stop at a screen. We are constantly looking at new ways to reach customers. From Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality, we consider all possible opportunities that may align with the customer research trends we're seeing. We embrace new technologies and try out new business models. We are fearless explorers, and true experts in next generation experience design.


Strategy Workshops

Opportunity Identification

New Products & Services

Concepting & Prototyping

Service Blueprinting

Design Sprints

User Testing

In-market Pilots

Go-to-market Strategy


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