Our Approach

Service blueprinting to make it real for your organization.

Customers and businesses connect in many ways — in person, through physical service interactions such as retail, and in digital channels such as web, mobile, AI, and wearables. You've done your customer research. You've done your product innovation. You've designed a service, and need to document it to make it real. With a service blueprint, we map a comprehensive view of the customer's ideal journey alongside the back-end operations that make it possible. 

Step-by-step roadmapping to get you to launch day.

We live for launch day. Our job is to make you successful. We help you not only understand the holistic cross-channel picture, but also map out a strategy for implementation. and Brilliant's service roadmaps give you the actionable steps you need to make your unified, cross-channel service strategy actually come to life for your organization.


Creating organizational alignment.

A major part of your success is buy-in. We collaborate across business units to build alignment. This may mean co-creating a shared vision of the future with a team, or navigating political roadblocks. We help you operationalize your idea, plain and simple. 

Our Version of Tech Specs

While we customize our approach for each project, here are some example services we offer. Not seeing exactly what you're looking for? Try us!

Holistic Service Design

Service Blueprinting

Ecosystem Mapping


Personalized Roadmapping

Service Blueprinting



Go-to-market Strategy

Transformation Coaching