Step 1: Sign a consent form for the video study 

I'm Under 18

A parent or guardian must sign the parental consent form. You will not be able to participate (or get paid) without it. 

You will need this even a parent/guardian already signed one for the Paco study.

I'm 18 or Older

If you're over 18 years old, please sign the consent form below. 

We need a consent form for each study, so you will need this even if you already signed one for the Paco study.


Step 2: Set up screen recording

If you have an iPhone:


If you have an Android phone (Samsung, LG, Google, etc.):


Step 3: The First Video Challenge!

Video Challenge #1 of 4: Show and tell how you stay up-to-date on a hobby or interest

We want to learn how you keep up-to-date on a hobby or something you’re interested in. It should be an ongoing interest that you’re already well aware of. It could be anything, such as your favorite music, sports, games, cooking, movies, politics, fashion, makeup, a celebrity... whatever you are interested in! 

Show us any actions you take on your phone to help you – you might use apps, check the web, ask your friends, or anything else on your phone.

Start your screen recording and answer these questions. Please show us how you find the information and narrate as you explore, telling us why you do what you do. Talk us through your thoughts, as if you were on a game show:

  1. What is the one topic you will explore for this assignment?
  2. Why did you get into this topic and how long have you been into it?
  3. Where do you go for the latest information on this topic? Show us how you do it, and talk us through it.
  4. Which sources do you trust and why?
  5. Do you share the information with others? When, who, why, and how? Show an example.
  6. Do you contribute information on this topic? When, where, why, and how? Show an example.
  7. Does the information come to you, or do you seek it out? Where do you look or who do you listen to? Show an example.

Once you've finished recording, please upload the video to the folder that John Whalen shared with you via email. If you have questions about how to do that, the videos above walk you through it.

Check your email tomorrow morning for the second video challenge!


Questions? Technical Issues? 

We're here to help!

Contact Sarah Weise at or 301-346-0308.