Customer research at your fingertips

Real human feedback drives your success. We empower leading brands to craft best-in-class experiences for their customers. We conduct research in any location, on any device. From millennial studies to user testing, it is our deep understanding of human behavior that results in strategic wins for your business. Delight customers, boost revenue, and innovate faster—with Brilliant by your side.


What we do

We help you design best-in-class customer experiences through...

What will my customers want next?

Real people matter. We conduct user testing, interviews, and other research to help you understand how your customers use your current or future products. We test any product or service anywhere in the world, and get you fast results.

How do I stack up?

Through a duo of market fit analysis and customer research, we paint a comprehensive picture of where you standand more importantly, where to go next.

What is my next next? 

We align customer research with future tech trends to project and conceptualize what your customers will want 5+ years from now. Our customer research drives next generation user experiences.


How do I tell my story?

Every brand has a story. Based on customer research, we help you find what resonates with your audiences and aligns with your strategic plan. 

How do I make it come to life? 

We'll help you paint a picture of your holistic omnichannel service offering, and map out a strategy to bring your concept to life.

Can we do this ourselves?

Customized in-house training empowers and supports your team in ongoing research and measurement.


find your Winning way forward

Make your next move with confidence. At Brilliant, our psychology-infused research methods help you get to know your audiences on a deeper level. We help you discover what motivates and thrills your customers, and what they need not just now but in the future. We deliver strategic insights that you can take action on right away to create experiences that are captivating, magical, and radically intuitive. 



We partner with brands across a range of industries to marry psychographic customer research with business strategy. We're there when you need us and we get results quickly.