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Brilliant helps leading brands craft best-in-class experiences through research grounded in cognitive science. We conduct research worldwide, on any device. From large-scale Millennial and Gen Z studies to user testing for apps, our team of market researchers, cognitive psychologists, and UX experts offers a deep understanding of human behavior that results in strategic wins for your business. We're there when you need us and we get results quickly. Make your next move with confidence. Be brilliant. 


What we do

We help you design best-in-class customer experiences through...

Our cognitive psychologists get into the minds of your customers and uncover deep drivers behind customer behavior. We show you how your future products and services can capture their attention, enhance their lives, and awaken their passions. 

We identify behavioral, cultural, and technological shifts that you need to prepare for. We can guide your strategy for staying relevant with Millennial and Gen Z customers.

We conceptualize and discover what will be successful with your customers 3-5 years from now. We help you envision your future, and prototype and test next-generation experiences.


Through visioning workshops, journey mapping, service blueprinting, and competitor benchmarking, we help you paint a picture of your holistic omnichannel experience, and what you need to do next to be best-in-class.




We test any product or service, anywhere in the world. From measuring success rates to eye-tracking and biometric analyses, our team of cognitive psychologists and neuro-marketers help you track the effectiveness of your product over time.

We are invited to keynote at conferences, kick off corporate initiatives, and help executives understand the strategic value of customer experience and psychographic insights. 


find your Winning way forward

Make your next move with confidence. At Brilliant, our psychology-infused research methods help you get to know your audiences on a deeper level. We help you discover what motivates and thrills your customers, and what they need not just now but in the future. We deliver strategic insights that you can take action on right away to create experiences that are captivating, magical, and radically intuitive. 



We partner with brands across a range of industries to marry psychographic customer research with business strategy. We're there when you need us and we get results quickly.