Brilliant customer research for the world’s most innovative brands


It’s easy to know what’s not working. It’s harder to find out why—and what to do about it.  Brilliant gets into the minds of your customers and delivers new psychological insights that drive strategic decisions. Uncover the “why” behind your customers' behaviors and be confident that you’re building the right products for the right reasons.

Identify Market Opportunities

Be confident in what your customers really need. Our unique psychographic research helps you spot new opportunities for your business. 

Our favored approaches:

  • Contextual Interviews

  • Ethnography

  • Mobile Diary Studies 

  • Innovation Workshops

  • Journey Mapping Workshops

Launch the Right Product

Are you launch-ready? Early testing with customers validates product direction and avoids rollout disasters.

Our favored approaches:

  • Usability Testing 

  • Agile/Lean Testing

  • Guerilla Testing

  • Rapid Prototyping & Testing

  • Expert Evaluations

Optimize Your Customer Experience

We measure customer experience over time to help you make the updates that matter the most to your customers and ensure that your KPI's are met. 

Our favored approaches:

  • Quantitative Research 

  • Ongoing Experience Measurement 

  • Competitor Ranking 

  • Content & Messaging Evaluations

  • Eye-tracking & Biometric Studies

Build Your CX Practice

Advance the maturity of your Customer Experience (CX) practice. Advanced training and coaching help you harness customer insights for internal decision-making.

Our favored approaches:

  • Training

  • Coaching

  • Workshops

Name a successful company that doesn't know its customers... We're waiting

At Brilliant, our psychology-infused research methods help you get to know your audience on a deeper level, identifying what will motivate and thrill them, now and in the future. We deliver strategic insights that help you create experiences that are captivating, magical, and radically intuitive. Make your next move with confidence.